Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are 1 month old today!

Our 1 month Birthday Photo

"I can't figure out why Mommy is always pointing that thing at me!"

Brother love

Holly Cow! Time flies! The kids have been home for 2 weeks already, and can you believe they are a month old TODAY? I can't! I have already had the "Oh my gosh! They aren't going to be babies forever!" feeling. It is crazy how much they have changed already. I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago and she mentioned she hasn't come to the point to not want any more kids yet. I understand how she feels...once you loose the new sweet baby part, I am sure you miss it (and she has quads!!) Now, I definitely don't want to have any more kids, but I see how them growing up so fast can make you sad. Already I get a little sad to think about how very, very soon they won't be my little babies anymore. I am scared I am going to miss something it is going by so fast already. Before you know it we will have 3 college tuition's to pay.

Jevin feels like a full term baby to me already. Well, actually he is almost full term original due date was October 31st. I can't get over how heavy his head is compared to my little Deuce man and Miss Mia. But, don't mistake it, the others are getting big too. They are all getting chunky little thighs and an extra chin. You can thank the 22 calorie formula for that one.

I also told Marcus the other day that I need to stop calling Mia, Miss Mia. I envisioned, one day with her little attitude that she will start telling people her name is Miss Mia. "It's Miss Mia to you Mommy." Can you see it? Then she does this little thing where she really has to work her cry up. She grunts for a few seconds and then lets this loud scream out. If you watch her, it is like the little scream startles her as if she didn't know where that sound came from. She is quiet for a few seconds after the scream and then she will work another one up.

The boys seem to have a sixth sense. They both fuss when the other fusses. Deuce will start fussin' then Jevin's face will get all sad and he fusses. They fuss back and forth over and over. Mia sleeps through their fussing, but let one of them get started and you can almost guarantee the other is going to be sad too. Kinda crazy to watch.

Till later...


  1. They are so darn cute. I wish I could hold them all. If I lived near you, you would never be able to get me out of your house. I love babies. Ivory

  2. Hey! I help with the Cox Quads!! Your babies are soo precious!! Congratulations! If you ever need anything you can have Heather give you my number!


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