Monday, October 5, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes!!!!!!

Big Man Jevin...sleeps like Daddy ...
Deuce, trying to get some rest

Miss Mia...Wide awake talking to daddy.

So...As you can see I wrote a blog yesterday that I never posted. Well less than 24 hours later, things have changed! I went to the hospital this morning and Miss Mia was missing her feeding tube! Of course I didn't want to assume anything, so I told the nurse in more a question enunciation then a statement, "Mia doesn't have her feeding tube innnnnn..." She informed me that Mia had received doctor's orders to remove the feeding tube in 24 hours. However, miss thing decided to remove her own feeding tube yesterday evening and since she had taken it out herself, and they were going to remove it today anyways, they just left it out. She is on 8 bottles a day!! And let me tell you, she has this eating thing down! Today I fed her at 11am and she finished her full feeding in 6 minutes. Marcus came for the 2:00 feeding and she finished 30 cc's in 4 minutes (even with yucky poly-visol added to the milk...a vitamin that definitely tastes just as bad as it smells) and she did finish about 15 more cc's in about 6 more minutes. I usually refrain from abbreviations, but OMG! Then, Dr. Anderson shows up. She says that Mia will be going home tomorrow. Yes Tuesday, the 6th of October! That I needed to go home and bring the car seat so they could do the car seat testing. Wow! Well, then on my way home to get the car seat, Dr. Anderson calls me and says that Mia won't be going home Tuesday, that it will be Wednesday because Sunday she didn't finish one of her feedings and they had to gavage (tube feed) 18 cc's. No worries though, this was still the best news I was likely to hear all day. What is one more day. Then, I also wonder who the nurse was because I do feel that there are nurses that are not as persistent in making sure the bottle is finished. One day last week we had a situation where the kids had done extremely well and finished all their feedings the day before, but the next day at their 8 am feeding, none of them finished...we had to wonder if it was possibly the nurse, but I suppose it could be possible that they just didn't finish...Over all though, we can't complain about the care the trio has been given.

I want to explain the car seat testing. Originally, I pictured it to be a safety type testing, maybe a harness fitting or something to that effect. It turns out it isn't a crash test dummy type of experiment. Actually what the car seat test is is they place the baby in the car seat for 2 hours I think is what the nurse said. During this time they monitor to see if the baby is breathing ok, if their blood gas and saturation levels are good, etc. If the baby doesn't do well then we know that they wouldn't do well in a swing, bouncer seat, and so on for a little while.

The boys should probably be home 2 or so days after Mia. If they do well today and tomorrow, their tubes will be removed also. Awesome Awesome Awesome. I have sat around and imagined what it will be like with our little precious babies home with us...Before they arrived I was so impatient for them to be born, then on the 22nd I was worried about them being born. Now I have been dying for them to come home, and today I had a small twinge of anxiety. It is somewhat of a relief to have trained professionals around to watch out for any scary happenings that could arise, but I am so so ready to have our little family home.


  1. Babies Babies Babies! Mia, you get home this minute and I mean it! Boys, you too! Don't make me come down there! Oh well, I'm coming next week anyhow. BE THERE! XOXOXO

  2. Kim!!!!!!!!! That is so exciting! Go babies go!

  3. Wow!! You truely have some strong babies!! That means they are aggressive so that means they will be tough basketball Or whatever they want to be...:) So glad everything is going well.

  4. So it's Wednesday October 7th 11pm, your first night at home. Bret just said "Well babe... Kim & Marcus are feeding right now... 8, 11, 2, 5, 8, 11, 2, 5, 8, 11...."

    I can't congratulate you enough :) :) :)
    Call if you need anything!

  5. Kim, We cant tell you how extremely happy we are for you and your husband! Those babies are truely and gift and a miracle! You and your husband are going to be awesome parents (dont ever doubt that)

    The Ulrich's

  6. hi kimmie and marcus,,by now you have experienced mother hood and father hood..i know you are ready for a vacation..not really they are a joy, but a lot of are they doing? they will change from week to week..I know you are such a good mommie and marcus can't be you both..can't wait to see them at home..i hear you have a lot of company now..i know they will be a lot of help. tell them all hi for me..and you guys..all NANA


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