Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Since last time...kind of

Now this is what we call ambidextrous in the Thompson House (Deuce)

Whose dang baby is this? Not mine. There is no possible way my 10 month old should be climbing the side of the dishwasher!! Don't know why this surprises me. She has no fear.

It has been an eventful few weeks in the Thompson house with the triplets. I have been trying to remember all of the things that have happened that I want to tell everyone about…guess I should write it down or something. Or maybe blog more often…

So let’s see…We have been doing the My Baby Can Read videos. They have been on the starter video for a while. You are to show it to your baby 2x’s a day for a month and move to the next volume for a month, and so on. The starter video introduces about 10 words or so and then the next volume will review those words and introduce new words. I will have to say it does work. Mia can recognize Clap and Wave, now mouth. She attempts to say dog, baby, and tiger. Unfortunately they all sound just about the same. Dog sounds like dada most of the time. The boys…oh, where do I start? They have no attention span. Mia will watch the whole video from start to finish, very attentively. Deuce and Jevin…they interrupt the “class” all the time. I tried to split the boys up (which it appears we will most likely have to do when they start school, if we want Jevin to get an education that is.) and Jevin does much better. Usually after breakfast I line them up in their highchairs; Mia, Deuce, then Jevin . Deuce still can’t hold attention to the video for long., unless Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Eentsy Weentsy Spider comes on. He likes the colors section as well. Oh boy…

Mia has started to play with the push toys. She does very well. Deuce couldn’t keep his little feet up with the pace of it, then three days later he’s on it! Go boy! Jevinummm well he’s not ready yet I guess. Jevin can climb the stairs like a champ though. Previously it had just been to the first landing. Then last night we let him climb to the top. BIG no no for mommy and daddy. Today while I was trying to get the pool thingy set up, when I’m done, I find him in the middle of our bedroom floor…yeah Alllllll the way upstairs, by himself, because Mia and Deuce are sitting in the kitchen… down stairs. The pool thingy took no longer than 90 seconds. Lord, help me!

I was recently asked if I had any advice on teething…no, not really! Just baby Tylenol and Motrin, maybe teething tablets, a little Baby Orajel…but that was all just an experiment. What do I know! All my kids teethe at the same time. What I mean is I haven’t experienced teething prior to this because they are all the same age…not even sure if any of it worked. However, if I had any advice…I would say get the baby that grows all their teeth at one time. The bottom two were horrible!!! Talk about fussy babies!! Well now miraculously the boys have all four top teeth coming in at once! Now that is how a baby should teethe! Mia…still none, but it looks as though it could be any day.

What else…the boys, they say twins have some little telepathy or secret language. Mostly, I have thought this is just myth, but oddly enough they talk to each other. Jevin will spout off some crazy high pitched screechy babble thing, then Deuce can mimic it exactly. I first noticed it one morning when Deuce slept in (thank you Jesus :) ) and Jevin & Mia were in the play room. Deuce was lying in the middle of the living room floor drinking his first bottle and Jevin let out his “Deuce call”. Deuce interrupted his bottle momentarily to respond. Jevin again lets out his little noise…Deuce interrupted his bottle to respond…with the same little call…it’s like they are little crickets or something. So weird, so it will be interesting to see how this develops.

This is a pic of all of the things I pulled out of a baby's mouth in one day. Actually it was about 3 hours. You will see a Starburst wrapper (the boys split it. they are already learning to share, sweet huh?), a rubber tip to a door stop, a small plastic piece to the cap of a baby lotion bottle that one of the triplets knocked off of the coffee table on bath day a few days prior, and a large piece of dog food that Deuce was bold enough to steal from the dog bowl while our dog (big dog) was eating. Most of the things...I have no idea how they find them. The door stop, the dog food, okay, I will give it to ya...it is interesting and exciting, (and the dog food must taste good, because Deuce cried after I scooped it from his mouth with one finger.

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  1. Tracy Borden-WhitakerAugust 11, 2010 at 3:18 PM

    I'm just finding this blog! This is SOOooooo INTERESTING and well written! I love it, Kim! What a wild and wonderful life you must have now... WOW! The babies are gorgeous! :D


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