Monday, August 30, 2010

Triplets Beat the Heat

Well, as most know or have seen on the news, Texas is HOT! With 19 consecutive triple digit days. YUCK!

I finally decided somewhere around the 4th or 5th consecutive day that the kids were of age to break out this super cool gift we got. They love to be outside which really isn't possible without shade or water (or unless I sit inside, in the air, and bungee the babies to the tree), and I needed a cure for super fussy people after their afternoon nap (they can only eat so many puffs before you become a bad mommy).

It is awesome and they love it. It's not really a pool. It holds about an inch to two inches of water on the little mat. Around the sides it has several little fountains of water that the kiddos think they can catch, and they are very persistent in trying to do so. If you live in Texas, and a Kiddy pool it not really a safe activity unless you can assign an adult to each one, this is a blessing. I am just getting over my anxiety of giving baths in the big people bathtub, because I only have two arms. (Which I will be posting some pics of here in a few days)

P.S. This took me a week to post because blogger didn't want to upload my pics. :(
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