Monday, August 9, 2010

Triplets Top 10

The top 10 commercials according to the most recent poll of three 10 (almost 11) month olds****okay, the top 9, couldn't think of the 10th***
  • Stanley Steamer
  • J E L L O
  • Swiffer (Who's that Ladyyyyy)
  • Quiznos (Singing Cats)
  • JG Wentworth
  • Direct TV (That's just plain wrong)
  • Progressive ("I trained him myself")
  • Angle Soft Toilet Paper (too rough, too hard)
  • ABC Pest Control
My kids have become commercial junkies. No matter the time of day, what activity they are doing, eating, playing, half asleep, they will stop dead in their tracks and watch the commercial. Once it is over they return to exactly what they were doing before the commercial came on, except for the nap thing...I have to start all over. Never fails. First, I have no money. Two, you have no need for most of the products in the advertisement. Three, you don't even know what it is they are advertising...Should it really interrupt your nap? Should you pay me absolutely no mind in the middle of a meal? Especially after you have been grunting at me, or hollering "muh" "muh" at me for the next bite, because you are too impatient for me to make it around to you again?
When are they going to need a carpet cleaner? If only they would/could Swiffer my floors...Quiznos, is food...but don't the cats gross you out? Jello, understandable. Why do you need an attorney? You don't pay the cable bill. They won't be driving for another 15 years. Lord only knows how long it will be before they wipe their own butt, and the only thing the exterminator would be good for is dirty diapers (can they treat that with a chemical?)
They also love the weather on the morning news. The seven day forecast...when it says bong~ bong~ bong~. They like the music to the Days of our Lives hour glass. They know the remote will change the TV. This morning I caught them watching the jewelry shopping channel. Then Mia turned it to the Soul Sounds XM channel and Micheal was on!!! Good choice! I sang "You are not Alone" to them... they had no interest, turned it to reggae. What a mess...


  1. tooo funny! but its sexyyy layBBBBBBBBBBBBBBb! gosh aunt kimmie!


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