Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All about Jev

I am finally posting the long awaited, way overdue All about Jevin blog. Jevin is the youngest of the three, by about 90 seconds...He is, however, my largest of the three. At birth he weighed 4lb 3oz. He is now nearly 20lbs.

Jevin is the baby that will always make you feel loved when Mia makes you feel like she can't stand you, and Deuce has no need for you. He is my cuddly chubby bubbers. He likes to be cuddled and definatly will cuddle you back. He seems to be my sensitive baby. He rarely fights back for a toy. Fighting back to him is never letting go in the first place...usually he will just cry when one of the other take it from him. He is my lazy baby. He will do things at his own pace. Last to stand up, last to sit by himself, most likely last to walk. It's almost as if he could care less. He is horribly addicted to his pacifier. If you see him it will probably be dangling from his mouth. If it's not his Wubba Nub, he most likely has found one that is floating around the house, and he has no preference, Mia's will suit him just fine. He is a blanky baby as well, usually only at nap time and bed time. Most likely this is only because Deuce is a blanky baby. He is my loud baby. We (Dad) have been trying to ween him a bit form his pacifier so that he only has it at sleepy time, and when he doesn't have it he is sooo loud! (The only genetic trait I gave him) HE cries loud, babbles loud, he's just plain loud!

So all for my Jevin, chubby bubbers, J.T., Jev...Love him and can't imagine life without him...

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