Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Count Down to 1 year

We have less than 2 weeks until the triplets turn 1 year old. It is so crazy. It really puts into perspective how fast a year passes. This time last year I was just over 33 weeks and looking forward to my next Dr. appointment (my weekly outing). Today, I have 3 beautiful babies that never sit still unless they are sleeping. They smile at me, babble at me, cry at me, climb on me, follow me, cuddle me, and drive me absolutely crazy half the time, but best of all, they love me! I wouldn't change all of this for anything.

The triplets seem to learn something new every single day. They have been obsessed with the phone anytime we are on it. They want to talk to, then you put it up to their ear and they just sit there. Rarely do they say a word, they just smile and breath like a pedophile. If they have the chance they will play with ours and then fall out and kick and scream if you take it away. So recently we pulled out a few old cell phones for them to play with. They know exactly what to do with them, and we never even practiced! If they have one, you say "Hello?!" and they hold it up to their ear, or back of the head, forehead, or somewhere in that vicinity. Heck, they don't even need to have one when you say "hello" the hand will do just fine. So cute!

Mia has a small vocabulary. She says, "Bye Bye", "ba-ba", maybe "baby", "uh-oh", "pop-pop" (Poppy to us), possibly "yum-yum". Deuce and Jevin, not so much...Jevin knows how to shake his head NO. But it is always NO. You tell him "Jevin, Yes" Shakes his head NO. "Jevin, NO" Shakes his head NO. You tell Deuce/Mia "No" he shakes his head No. I love it! It's like when they learned to clap. Jevin has also started "uh-oh" but if you imagine it with a pacifier in his mouth...that is how most of his words come out...hummed (as if he has a pacifier in his mouth even when there is not) so it is like mmm-mmmh, mmm-mmh.

Speaking of Clap...I mentioned before we are doing Your Baby Can Read. We are on volume 1 now. When I go to start the video, the TV will go black and they know it is starting. They will clap before a picture comes back. It is so funny. When the TV goes silent, they race to the living room and park their butts and everyone claps. Clap was the first word on the starter video.

They are all famed dancers. Mia and Deuce just can't help themselves. Deuce will dance to any music, sitting, standing, crawling...

Mia has teeth now. It is kinda crazy...her first tooth was on top but to the right of the middle two. Then her bottom two. Then the other tooth on the left of the top front teeth. Just recently has her top middle teeth broken through. Her smile is SO funny! At first, I was fearful she didn't have the middle two teeth. I was like, "Great, first her foot, now she doesn't have all her teeth!" But rest assured, they are all there. They are just coming in "Mia Style", that is, however they want. Of course she has to teeth out of order..."Mia Style".

I was hoping to post my hundredth post on their 1 year birthday, but turns out, I was a lazy blogger for several months and won't be able to make that milestone. I would need to do 2 posts a day for the next 10 days to get there...Yeah, not gonna happen...I am trying to come up with something really cool for that post now that it won't be as special...Any ideas??? Most do a "100 things about me post", I'm really not cool enough, nor interesting enough to come up with 100 things about me or my life. Hmmm.... stay tuned...we will see what I come up with...

Hi Renee! Miss ya!

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