Sunday, September 26, 2010

Top 5 Must Haves for Multiple Mommies

Being a new mommy, I never really knew what we would need for our triplets. And of course, what we did do to prepare never really seemed good enough, but over the last year, I have come to realize just how much stuff you get and don't really need, so I thought I would post a little something on my top 5 must buy things...all the rest of it probably just collects dust. Of course this is outside of the car seats, strollers, clothes, baby beds, burp cloths, bottles, etc.

#1 Mixing pitcher from Pampered Chef--my most favorite favorite Favorite purchase.
#2 Pack n Plays- We did 4: 2 in our bedroom and 2 down stairs.
#3 Swings-they don't have to be all fancy and expensive, but I do recommend that you don't by
the same swing x 2 or 3 or whatever. You might find your baby will perfer a certain swing
over the other.
#5 Bottle props

We also had Bumbo seats which were convenient and nice to have, but didn't make my top 5...sorry to the Bumbo lovers...

That was in the new Bestest purchase we have ever made...a baby gate!!! Screws to the wall, has a latch and hinges...saved my life!!! Skip the tension gate! Hated it! It was like playing twister at the bottom of my stairs. "Hold this part with the left hand, the book on the right with this knee, the book on the left with that elbow, and you have your free hand to push the bar down"....and you better have it on the right notch or you're screwed...gotta start all over. Of course our builder could have built our walls straight...that would have helped. Whew!! Just glad that thing is gone!

I'll give you a few cute pics while I am here...Mia, funny girl...decide
d it wasn't as much fun to push the toy as it was to be pushed on the toy...Diva in training. She, for some reason, decided to sit in the push toy, got Deuce to push her around for a bit. Thought it only fare she push her brothers...did for a minute and wanted Jev to get out of "her" toy.

Deuce pushing Mia............................................................guess we need to teach her to share....

Oh yeah...a few exciting things have happened in the last week....big baby car seats...they love them...they don't stop babbling when we are in the car. The first day it was so funny...babble babble babble...all the way home...then I have noticed myself needing to pay WAY more attention to the road...I can't help but turn around to look at them, they love the new view so much...

Then...switched to milk a few days ago. Marcus said once we ran out of our gallon water that we mixed for formula he wasn't buying anymore. I secretly contemplated
buying more water while he was at work, because I was slightly nervous to switch, but turns out they are doing great on it...and I don't have to mix formula at 6 am love love it! How easy is that!? And milk is on sale for 99 cents...can you freeze it?

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