Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Triplets: Then & Now

With one day until my precious trio turns 1 for real, I thought it appropriate to show some then and nows...

I am blessed and amazed.  A year makes such a difference!  They have grown a ton, and they have began to develop such special little personalities.  This day last year, I had barely finished the nurseries and was laid up on the couch with my many aches and pains, and all of the kicking and hiccups a baby brings x 3.  I am sure I was looking forward to my regular weekly outing to the doctor so I could lay on a table for 20 minutes and they would monitor for contractions & check for dilation.  My high risk doctor had scheduled me for a C-section in 2 weeks...Lord what was she thinking!  I would have been 36 weeks and a few days, and very uncomfortable!!!  I miss her though!  Wish I was pregnant all over again, she doesn't treat anything I am ailed with now...Miss Dr. Brown-Elliot! 

So I ventured to my weekly check up, unlike so many weeks previous, I had little hills on the contraction monitor thingy.  I knew it wasn't a good sign.  Not to mention, I felt a little funny once I reached the waiting room...not sure I really felt labor, I just didn't feel "right".  Doctor Hartly came in to check me, contractions on the monitor, and dialated to a 3-4. The babies were coming.  I was lucky enough to bypass bed rest in the hospital unlike so many other mother's of multiples.  I was wheeled across the sky walk, placed in a room, given meds to stop my contractions, and 3 hours later, "HELLO BABIES!" I remember wanting them to arive so bad, but the day they told me they were coming, I wanted them to stay a week or two longer.  I was so scared for them! Today, I have 3 healthy, babbly, wild babies.  I could not be more thankful. 

I am horribly emotional today, writing this blog...I just remember wishing or and praying for a baby for a few years...not for me, but for my husband...asking God to give us the blessing, and the opportunity and the experience of little feet. Trying to ask for forgivness for whatever it was that was keeping us from having this joy.  I remember being resentful of those that had been blessed...of those that had the opportunity and didn't want it.  I remember slightly disliking those who did conceive.  I remember the pain.  I remember wishing for and praying as hard as I ever have for...whatever our trials would bring us...whatever was supposed to be...then, when we least expected it, He gave us 3.  I know we won't experience these times ever again in our lives.  I know we have been given a gift many are not blessed with.  I know.... God knew us and wanted this for us.  How could we ever wish for anything different?  And at 1...they have no idea....

Okay, so enough of that....my kids are probably thinking I am loosing my mind today so...as I promised,


  1. man kim you had me all emotional reading this. and its a wonderfull blog and hopefully you will be able to do this on there b-days till they get to be 18 so they can see how you felt/loved them soo much and this honestly gave me a little hope for all us women who have always wanted children but havent found a man worth sharing this with it sounds like you and your husband are great parents and i sure hope the trio someday will/do realize what a blessing they are...

  2. tears momma, well said! happy birthday to you deuce mia and jevin and congrats to you kim and marcus for making it through the first year!

    hugs :]

  3. Thanks guys! No more tears! I have to buck up and get ready for year 2...been told a few times, it is only going to get harder...ugh!

  4. Oh Kim how I miss hearing about those babies all the time. Miss you so much here!! I can't get over how precious they are. I still see the look on your face of faint when you said there were three babies...Isn't God good. His blessing are amazing. Even when its your kid saying "ba-cow" and looking at you in the face..She's meaning mom don't tell me what to do..lol

  5. I also have 5 months old triplets, my girl is Mia too. I felt the same way you did. I was worried at the beginning but God is just great and faithful with us. He has given us this blessings that a lot of people would like to live.

    Enjoy every minute, even the hard ones


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