Thursday, May 7, 2009

14 Weeks

So here I am, almost 15 weeks. I was going back and forth between the last belly and this belly and I don't think I have gotten as big as I feel I have in the last 2 weeks. Then I realized today that it is really weird to look at myself. It is almost like an out of body experience. Sometimes I still don't believe that I am pregnant. I carry this belly around with me all day, every day, and when I look at these pictures, I can't believe it is my belly. So weird. I knew at some point we would most likely have a baby, but I still sometimes can't comprehend this whole thing.
Then I realized after looking at the pics on my blog and looking at pics of bellies on other mommy's blogs that there is a distinct pregnancy pose. Kind of like the thug pose or the jail pose. Pregnant women all stand with their belly out and hands on their hips. The only thing I am missing is a gang sign.
Other than that, I still feel really good. I do get a little fatigued walking up and down the stairs or from my car to my office, but from the very beginning everything has went so well. People are starting to ask me more often, "When are you due?" I feel like a neglectful expectant mother when I tell them, "I am not really sure." I assume people think I am not receiving medical care. Then, I feel the need to explain that I am having triplets so I just hope to make it to September. It is crazy to see peoples reactions. At this point it feels normal to me to be having 3 babies. So many people have never met anyone carrying triplets. I did come to the conclusion today though, that it will eventually get on my nerves answering the when are you due question over and over again.
I do want to mention that Marcus has been so awesome. He is a good, caring, loving, attentive husband (Thank you Julie Thompson). I have truly been blessed a million times over to have him as my husband, and soon, the father of my babies. Many ladies will never be as lucky as me. He has been so helpful getting our room ready for babies, getting dinner, laundry, dishes, you name it.
Lastly, before I close out, one thing that weighs on the heart heavily...there is a friend of our family who is very ill. He has been in ICU for a while. He is not doing good. I don't know the exact details of it all, but his body is shutting down. He used to be a little stinky, chubby boy that ran around with my little brother, and turned out to be a handsome young man, even though he didn't always make the best decisions. His name is Nick Banks and, he is in his late 20's, if everyone can just say a little prayer for him. It doesn't look good for him right now, and things can go either way. He needs God's hand right now.


  1. OH Look at you. LIL buda belly. You are so cute. Its so kewl to read your blog. The tings that go through your head just make me smile. You are one of a kind baby. I love you so much. You know you are right about marcus. You know when you first moved to california I had a really hard time letting go of you and then when I seen how happy you and marcus are together and how in love with you he is all my worries of not being there to care for you was gone. He is the most wonderful man you could of ever been blessed with. I love him so much and I know he would never let anything happen to my kiddlett and now his wife. You are truly soul mates and now parents. I love you both very much. Cant wait to see the belly grow. Love you sweety.....momma

  2. honey your butts sticking out about as far as your Its so cute. Your to sexy for sexy ...... lol Love ya babe... Im getting soooooo excited to see ya.

  3. Well granny finally figured out how to make a coment.loll You are truley Blessed for many reasons and Marcus is also blessed to have a wonderful wife like you. I feel truley blessed also to have you and Marcus to want me to come and help you.God is good all the time,We all love you very much Kim but I think you all ready know that. I love seeing him spoil you. lol.I know both of you will make very good parents. Love you both granny.

  4. First off I am glad that I am not the only one is so confused with loging on and such! Youll have to fill me in Granny on how to do this I have signed in as like 4 followers... anyways... so maybe everyone is having this problem cuz you have 702 views and 30 followers - 3 who are me and you dont have many comments! Whats up with that followers?? jk... anyways i am so glad that you have marcus as a husband you are very spoiled! and also glad that your preg. as went so so so great so far from the day this all came about... maybe just maybe you guys wil try for "1" more???? what do you think? :) Love you both!


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