Thursday, May 14, 2009


Good morning! Sorry I didn't post yesterday. We really didn't have any news to report. The Dr's appointment was the normal, pee in the cup, weigh myself, measure my belly, and check the heart beats. I didn't have a real sono. The doctor just wanted to make sure she could see the heart beats. I did gain 4 whole pounds though. My last 2 appointments, I hadn't gained any weight yet, so that is good news! I have an appointment with the periantologist next Tuesday, who will do an extensive sono, so I guess there was no need to go into too much detail on yesterday's.

So never the less, yesterday's appointment was disappointing for me and Marcus. We didn't get a confirmation on the genders, so I thought we could post a pic of the 15 week belly, and low and behold the camera doesn't want to act right, so I decided to just do my homework and go to sleep. One more week to wait.

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  1. WOW!!!long time no see!!! looks like your doing really well!! congrats on getting married and kids!!! WOW triplets thats crazy!!! well i better run hope to talk to you soon, oh you guys should get a facebook page thats where you can finde me at. any way ttyl!


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