Monday, May 25, 2009

17 Weeks

So everyone is now in on our little secret...The Names. I have to tell you it was a hard hard secret to keep. The day we found out what the genders would be, Marcus asked what I thought about just telling everyone what we had picked out. I didn't mind. I actually told him the "Have you picked a name?" question would soon be replacing the "When are you two going to have a baby?" question. Plus there are enough questions to answer when people find out you are having triplets. I think the most famous of them are "Did you conceive naturally?" or "Did you use fertility drugs." Some people are not afraid to be so personal. I have found if you listen to people, they usually tell you what they want you to know, or they must not intend for you to know. But anyways... As if people don't know where babies come from.

Marcus and I went and registered at Babies R Us this weekend. So much stuff. I told Marcus on the way there, I don't even know where to start. One baby,! Do you need three swings? Is it too soon to think about high chairs? How many receiving blankets do we need? Are three packs of bottles enough? Goodness. There is very cool stuff though. Someone has thought of just about everything! We looked at cribs this weekend as well. So much to choose from! Then there is the crib bedding. My biggest dilemma for last week was to decide on a nursery color. Took me a while to say the least. It is good though, kind of a light Carmel color.


  1. So far so good! You still look great and the nursery is coming together good too! I love the color and everything about the nursery! Love you guys!

  2. Ok just an Idea. What about one baby bed tell they get older. They are use to being together now. So you probably wont need all three beds right now. Kinda just do things as you go. Those lil people wont take up to much room starting out. Im sure everyone is getting excited about getting you all the things you need for those lil thompsons. You wont have to go without Im pretty sure. Are they going to have there own rooms? boys in one and girl in the other? Now that is getting alittle ahead dont ya think. lol Cant wait to see them grow up. You will love every minute of it... I know its awesome. So dont try to look to far ahead. Concentrate on the moment. That is what slips away so fast. Well sweety you look so beautiful. Except for your Lift them as much as you can.stay away from the salt. and a foot rub does alot of good. I use to make your dad rub mine when I was prego with you and it really made alot of difference. Well love you sweety. momma

  3. Hows the cream coming along. Is it time for me to get more sent your way. Let me know.

  4. Kim u look sooo good carrying Deuce, Jevin & Mia. Keep up to good work & God will work it out 4 u...Again u look GREAT. That is a real kuel color marcus painted the nursey. I love you guys...auntie kim (great-auntie kim)


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