Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 Boys & a Girl!

Here are the new pics of the babies!!!! Finally we got the news we have been hoping for for 3 weeks. Baby A is a girl, and Baby B & C are boys!!!!! Each time we go it is just more and more amazing! Now that they are getting bigger, there isn't as much room in there for all of them. The doctor would move the little thing around on my belly just a half an inch and all of the sudden there would be a new baby on the screen. Plus, the twins made it hard because they kept moving while she was trying to measure all of the body parts. Something interesting though, babies with down syndrom usually are missing a knuckle on their pinkie finger. I am glad to say the babies all had 3 knuckles on their pinky's! They all weigh about 7oz. now. I checked out the pregnancy ticker and it shows that they are about the size of a 19 week baby. If that is the case they are certainly growing VERY well. And, once again, they are doing good! No worries at this time. We got some good profile shots. Baby C's is the best. You can almost tell what he might look like. He has the cutes upper lip!!!!

I just have to be so thankful. It seems as though nearly everything we have prayed for is happening. God is blessing us all the time, right before our eyes. We prayed for a baby and for every thing to work out, and we got 3. We prayed that they would all just make it past the first trimester and be healthy, and there has been absolutely NO problems with this pregnancy. We prayed for the babies to be 2 boys and a girl and we got just that. I guess I won't ask Him to make funny shapes in the clouds anymore...


  1. Yip honey, God is an Awesome God. He has truly answered so so many prayers in our lives.It just so amazing to see them though. I couldnt see wee today knowing yu would post there pics today. I think they are beautiful. You are sure going to have yur hands full. lol I just think about the time you and marcus moved to texas and I said well you arent to far away that I cant send the other kids to stay for the summer. you were so happy about all the nice things you and marcus had and relized just how much it cost to get it and then how many times i had to replace it in our house and you said momma im so sorry we trashed all your nice stuff cuz i know it wasnt easy on you. Well remember I said one day you will go through the same thing. and you said ... I dont think I want the kids to come visit for the summer. I want to keep my stuff nice. Well there ya go. You got 3 lil people to raise and its going to be the best time of your live and all that nice stuff wont matter anymore.your kids will be the most important things in your life. Its a good thing you got to boys and a girl. grandpa said his mother told him it takes tow boys to take care of one lil girl.But you wont be alone you will have that one lil one to fix her hair ,put on those pretty dresses and marcus will have his lil guys to bounce the ball through the house. So I am so happy you are so happy. You are in for a journey. The greatest one ever. Everyday will hold something new. ITs never the same. Love you babe.

  2. When i look at the blog (everyday-alot)lol i get sooo excited for you and marcus. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! KEEP HIM FIRST IN ALL YOU DO & HE WILL WORK IT OUT FOR YOU EVERY TIME. Kim im so glad you are having a great pregnancy--attitude makes a big difference. Your mom is right it takes having kids of your own to appreciate what your parents went through with you. The good and the trying times. (smile) Sooo lets ALL let GOD do what HE DO and ENJOY sharing the JOY! As you guys can see you are surrounded with lots a LOVE from EVERYWHERE. THANK YOU JESUS! LOTS OF LOVE ALL THE TIME. MAY GOD ALWAYS BLESS YOUR FAMILY...I MISS SEEING YOU GUYS--LOVE YOU MUCH------AUNTIE KIM-------


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