Thursday, May 14, 2009

15 Weeks

Here is the 15 week belly! Kinda crazy isn't it. I have started searching my body for newly developing stretch marks. I am happy to report there are none...yet. Hopefully my magic belly cream and oil will work some magic! From teenage experience, I am surprised I am this big and haven't started to see some small resemblance of just one little stretch mark. Yeah!!!


  1. Its crazy that is for sure! Its weird cuz I see you every weekend and I am still so amazed how fast your belly grows! I know people say it to you all the time but I think you look great! you did b4 and now with your baby belly you glow! My mouth droped when i looked at the pictues! I now know how much you love Hayden because the babies arent even here yet and it scares me how much I love them! I know you are preg. I mean anyone who looks at you does now but I still havent processed it 100% yet. Every time I look at your blog i have to remind myself!!! It was always in the back of my head you would be a mommy but it had been so long that I just accepted the fact that you were Kim and that was that.. but you are going to make such a good mom! your kids are going to be so beautiful just like you! They can be in a winter Mag. too! :) Love you Kimmie and I am so gald that I get to go through all this with you and be there for you to talk our faces off about it. I am proud to be the aunts of yall babies!! I really am! love you both! or love you 5!

  2. Wow Baby You are starting to show alittle.LOL You carry it good though. And for the magic cream. I tole you it was the best ever. The only thing is the smell. But its worth it to keep those nasty marks from showing up. Just think people will say rather then when you do, but you have had 3 babies. you dont look like it. So Be happy you dont have them yet. Thats a good sign. Any who how honey you look beautiful and Im glad I didnt stay awake to read your blog. My goodness I would of been here along time. Love you babe.

  3. kim, you sure are carrying those babies well. Want you and Marcus to know i miss you guys. Even though i live (lived) with you guys does not mean i won't miss you like crazy since i've moved out. Yes, its official i no longer live with you & don't think cause i live in Grand Prairie we wont c each other cause auntie will still make her trips to Anna to see the WHOLE FAMILY. lol I am sooooo happy for you and Marcus, cause if any two people deserve happiness, it's you 2. Both of you are going to make wonderful parents. Marcus now you will be tested to what you will and what you won't do for your children.HA HA Ive been watching how the two of you make each other so happy. (i apply it in my life & its working for me minus the babies ha ha))You guys have a lot of love to give which is a good thing in your case, you have to trully spread your love around now. I'm so proud of you and thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to make Texas my home. I love this place and you guys too. Remember dont forget about the first babies....Cali & West. Smile anyway, keep in touch with me as i will with you. good luck and it will all be over sooner than you think. i love you and am sooooo happy to have you as my folks. love you much auntie kim


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